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HR in Europe – Your Top Questions Answered

Employment law and HR norms in Europe are complex. Laws and regulations differ significantly even within EU nations, and often minor missteps can leave your business exposed to major legal and financial liabilities. In this open house, HR experts will offer valuable operational insights and best practices AND answer your questions on hiring, onboarding, employment contracts, employment law, benefits, payroll, termination and more.

Each country has different standards for when business activity meets the requirements to be classified as a permanent establishment.

The Comprehensive Guide to Permanent Establishment

A permanent establishment is created when business activities are sufficient for an organization to be considered an ongoing presence in a country or state in which it is not incorporated or set up. If these business activities generate local revenue, the host country can impose corporate taxes at the local rate. Generally, a permanent establishment can be created for an organization by having employees or facilities in another jurisdiction. Generation of a regular revenue stream can also create a permanent establishment.