5 Emerging HR & Talent Acquisition Trends

Today we live in a world where technology not only does things for us but also provides recommendations on what to do next. From recruiting talent to managing and motivating them; success depends on keeping pace with the technology trends and preparing HR teams to build state of the art talent strategies.


Here are the five emerging trends in HR & Talent Acquisition:

1)  Emergence of Digital HR 

The number of people using smartphones and accessing the internet is growing at an exponential rate. This increase in digitization has an impact not only on the individuals but on organizations as well.

An increasing number of companies will have to build and design mobile apps for critical HR functions (e.g. recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance, feedback, attendance, payroll etc.) that are easy to use. Digital HR is not just about a mobile App, but how they can leverage technology to connect with their people.

2)  Recruitment backed by data analysis 

Technological advancement has revolutionized the recruitment process. Talent acquisition leaders no longer use the old ways to connect with prospects. Rather, they interact on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. These platforms have made accessing candidates’ information easy and affordable. Networking platforms also have analytics tools that help HR leaders in making strategic & informed recruiting decision. HR teams now have a better understanding of the job market which makes them more effective in hiring quality people.

3) Talent management through focused coaching & mentoring 

Companies and their employees both need to keep up with the technology. Companies have the responsibility to invest and to explore coaching programs for that. For instance, peer-to-peer training is a cost-effective, integrated and culture driven model. HR should encourage employees for mentoring others by introducing a rewards program for that.

4) Impetus on employee engagement, culture & brand building

In this global market, top skills are rare to find, and the competition to attract them is fierce. Talent acquisition leaders realize this, and they are focusing more on brand building to attract top talent. The new trend of employee engagement & culture will have a higher value in the years to come.

5) Transparent & advanced performance reviews

The old-fashioned, once-a-year performance review system which is both opaque and complicated will be phased out. Today websites like Glassdoor, give employees a forum to rate their company & their managers in a transparent manner. In the years to come, this trend will gain traction in which employees can not only review but also give feedback on a real-time basis.

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