Asian Executive Panel

Global Upside CEO, Ragu Bhargava, joined E&Y, Kaiser, PG&E, and SAP for a panel on leadership. The speakers shared their personal journey to the top and provided practical leadership advice to 300+ professionals.

Strong, successful organizations often have a common denominator – the ability of its leadership team to be candid about their collective strengths and weaknesses.

Executives from Ernst & Young (E&Y), Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Kaiser Permanente, SAP, and Global Upside got candid about an often sidelined but important question – why are there so few Asian leaders in corporate America and how do you bridge the gap?

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Speaking to a packed house, Global Upside CEO, Ragu Bhargava, opened the session with his immigrant story and what it took for him to break the glass ceiling to become the CFO of a leading company and eventually co-found Global Upside.

While Ragu and his peers on the panel did make the cut, they acknowledged how hard it was for them and continues to be for many Asian professionals to face biases and change perceptions.

According to the panelists, communication, networking, and social skills are key to help you make warm relationships. Here are a few tips Ragu and his fellow panelists shared with the young professionals.

  • Have confidence and take risks
  • Go to meetings with a point of view and speak up
  • Strive to change perspective of “work-life jungle” to “work-life balance”
  • Be cognizant of unconscious biases even towards same ethnicities and/or gender
  • Reframe the idea of self-promoting into stepping into a position to be able to help others
  • Work on making your brand and ensure this brand is the impression others perceive of you

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