Collaborative Advantage: When Partners Fuel Growth

The immense popularity of an innovative new product propelled a medical device company to expand outside of the United States. This rapidly growing company turned to Global Upside to help them successfully establish their overseas operations in Australia, Canada, UK, Spain, Sweden, and France.

Case Study – Going Global Overnight

After an acquisition, Aclara Technologies had to onboard over 200 employees in Chile, India, Japan, Spain and the UK in an aggressive timeline. Faced with payroll, HR, legal entity setup challenges in Chile, India, Japan, Spain, and the UK, they turned to Global Upside.

Case Study – Quarter-End Client Rescue

A client had outsourced accounting, tax, and payroll for five subsidiaries in Austria, the Netherlands, and Spain. They were facing ongoing quality and cost issues with missed deadlines and increased compliance risks. When their non-performing vendor left abruptly two weeks prior to quarter-end and payroll, they reached out to Global Upside.

Case Study – Fixing a Broken Payroll Process

A public technology manufacturing company faced a serious payroll problem. After multiple acquisitions, its payroll system was complex and error-prone, and members of their payroll staff had given notice. The company engaged Global Upside. Read this case study to learn how Global Upside was able to revamp the payroll system, streamline payroll processes, increase payroll accuracy, and improve financial reporting in a matter of weeks.

Company helping with account payable services

Case Study – Clearing an Accounts Payable Logjam

A US technology manufacturer was experiencing the challenges of growth. Revenue, shipments, payables, and the number of vendors were all rising at double-digit rates. The company engaged Global Upside to address the challenges and implement new systems to enable the company to manage its growing accounts payable workload. Read this case study to find out how Global Upside cleared their accounts payables logjam in a matter of weeks.

Case Study – Centralizing Global Payroll

An application networking company leveraged a leading payroll system to centralize its global payroll but complex APAC regulations, voluminous payroll data, and stock options made the transition extremely challenging. Global Upside undertook the payroll transition for Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. Read this case study to learn how Global Upside helped the client transition from a payroll system with several service providers across different countries, to a single system, single-vendor model.

Case Study – The Accounting Advantage

When international concern with environmental issues transformed DeepRoot Green Infrastructure LLC from a small, innovative San Francisco company into a global business providing environmental solutions to cities around the world, DeepRoot’s accounting needs escalated dramatically. DeepRoot turned to specialist F&A services provider Global Upside to provide it with a range of fast, accurate, reliable accounting services to support its growth. Read this case study to learn how Global Upside addressed these issues and supported transactions in multiple currencies and staff in multiple countries.