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CEO Ragu Bhargava Gives Keynote Speech at Startup Event in Tel Aviv

Global Upside’s Ragu Bhargava Will Address US Expansion Challenges at Startup Event in Tel Aviv

Establishing a successful operation in the U.S. market is a critical challenge for many growth companies but many struggle to get it right. Join Global Upside CEO Ragu Bhargava  and panel of experienced advisors for the “Successful Expansion Into The U.S. Market” event in Tel Aviv where they will provide local companies insights and tips on tackling the legal, tax, accounting, HR, administrative, financial, and sales/marketing challenges involved in playing and winning in the $17 trillion U.S. market.

“I’ve taken plenty of panicked calls from entrepreneurs who tried to DIY their way to international expansion. They routinely made fundamentally flawed assumptions that caused reputation damage and cost a lot of money. Many of these are avoidable and in my keynote I plan to educate entrepreneurs about these,” said Bhargava.

Global Upside is a leading international expansion services provider that helps companies expand in 150+ countries with complete Accounting, Tax, Legal, HR and Compliance support. Learn more about us here.

Bhargava’s fellow speakers at the event include Hanan Haviv, Partner and Head of High-Tech Department, Herzog Fox & Neeman (HFN); Jennifer Vessels, CEO, Next Step; Eyal Bar Zvi, Partner, Transfer Pricing , HFN; Jennifer Schear, Visa Options for personnel, HFN.

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“Successful Expansion Into The U.S. Market” Monday, October 12, 2015  /  9:00 am – 12:30 pm          Herzog Fox & Neeman Conference Center, Asia House, 4 Weizmann Street, Tel Aviv, 6423904

Conference speakers will address: 

  • Choice of location for your U.S. headquarters
  • Optimal corporate structure
  • U.S. employment law and independent contractors
  • Local and international banking options and strategies
  • Avoiding common pitfalls and tax traps
  • Best practices in equity compensation
  • Keys to getting hiring right
  • Contractors, PEOs, agency employees and expats – considerations for the in-house legal team
  • … and much more including your questions.

For any questions, please contact: Einat Elfasi / or Nandita Verma /

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