Going abroad for an assignment can be among the most exciting transitions an aspiring leader can undertake. But expats and their companies often focus on the excitement of preparing for their international business relocation, and can easily overlook the more burdensome aspects of going abroad – such as taxes. Unfortunately, this common oversight can lead to expensive consequences.

Here to share how expats and companies can best prepare for international business relocation is guest Ragu Bhargava. Mr. Bhargava is an award-winning and experienced financial executive, entrepreneur, and leader. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Global Upside Corporation – which includes Global Upside, Global PEO Services, Mihi, and Gava Talent Solutions, a conglomerate specializing in international business operating in 150+ countries.

Topics discussed in this podcast include:
  1. How personal taxes vary depending on your country of residency and citizenship
  2. What constitutes taxable income and how it varies from country to country
  3. How tax residency is established in foreign countries
  4. How Dual Nationality can affect your tax obligations
  5. Fictitious tax residence and its impact on cross-border commuters


About Ragu Bhargava

Ragu Bhargava’s guidance has led the Global Upside Corporation to pioneer services and technologies that solve complex HR, Payroll and Accounting challenges globally. An award-winning entrepreneur, Ragu’s business acumen is equaled by his creativity and a firm belief in the power of possible. Ragu’s over three decades of successes are defined by his one mantra “impossible is not our vocabulary.”


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This podcast was originally published on Globig.