The Future of HR is Global

By CEO Ragu Bhargava

HR departments will increasingly be asked to bring together disparate teams and overseas offices under the same corporate umbrella. They will increasingly be asked to adapt hiring, termination and employee engagement practices to the laws and customs of other countries.

In the article, Co-founder and CEO Ragu Bhargava discusses the challenges in the future of HR and resources available to HR professionals when a company begins crossing borders.

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Read the article “The Future of HR is Global: How Can HR Prepare” on Page 58 to learn more about:

  • Preparing HR to go global and optimizing your current global HR teams, policies, and processes
  • Establishing a strategy for setup and operations that aligns with your business goals
  • Employment and labor law considerations and how HR, Benefits, and Payroll requirements differ across various countries
  • The keys to avoiding costly mistakes and compliance risks during expansion
  • Capitalizing on increased access to global talent
  • Leveraging alternative hiring options and the gig economy to addressing skill gaps and increase workforce flexibility