Global Growth Trends in 2021

With the normalization of remote work, businesses are pivoting toward globalization faster than ever. Yet, as the global business environment faces a stream of continuous regulatory changes and uncertainty, it is imperative for businesses to establish a strategic approach for success. In this session, we will examine the key considerations prior to global expansion and explore how Global Upside partners with brokers to implement effective strategies in a borderless business world.

  • The impact of the COVID19 pandemic on global business
  • The current M&A environment and managing employment transitions
  • International expansion considerations – setup and strategy in overseas markets
  • The new global workforce:
    • Global hiring options. Professional Employer Organization (PEO)/Employer of Record (EOR) and legal entities
    • Payroll complexities
    • Benefits management
  • Common compliance pitfalls when operating overseas
  • Trending countries for expansion


Ragu Bhargava

CEO & Co-Founder, Global Upside

Ragu is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and CEO of Global Upside. Global Upside is part of Global Upside Corporation, a conglomerate of brands providing full business lifecycle support across 170+ countries. The Global Upside Corporation brands serve a large customer base, addressing Client needs for global staffing, PEO, HR, accounting, payroll, tax, and compliance services. In his previous roles, Ragu served as the CFO at ActivIdentity (ACTI) and held leadership positions in several companies including Deloitte and NetIQ (NTIQ).

Adam Sheffield

Chief Revenue Officer, Global Upside

Adam brings more than 15 years of experience leading sales organizations in the HCM and Professional Services market. He currently oversees the global sales organization and helps Clients navigate global workforce complexities in over 170 countries. A true entrepreneur at heart, Adam is tenacious in designing strategy and mentoring teams to forge strong client relationships and transform the way businesses manage growth. Prior to Global Upside, Adam has held a variety of leadership roles for ADP, one of the world’s largest outsourced payroll and HR companies, including Vice President of Sales, Global Enterprise Solutions, for ADP in North America.