Global HCM Software
for the Global Workforce

Global HCM Software that Grows with Your Business

Don’t let your HR software slow down your expansion. Our revolutionary human capital management (HCM) software, Mihi, allows you to manage your employees across all countries in which you operate. Prebuilt to ensure compliance with country-specific labor, HR, benefits, and data privacy requirements, the software makes it possible to hire and onboard employees in new countries without fear of non-compliance. Mihi addresses all of your global HCM needs in one system, providing you with a comprehensive solution for employee time and attendance, leave management, onboarding, benefits, and more.

Human Capital Management Solutions

User-friendly modules make it easy for employees to manage their day-to-day needs, while the system logs all critical data and makes it available to HR and payroll teams on-demand.

Time and Attendance

Automate the collection of detailed employee data and complex pay rules for hourly, salaried, or contingent employees.

Leave Management

Sustain high operational productivity while simultaneously reducing costs that result from employee absenteeism.

Employee Onboarding

Get your employees setup quickly and effectively so they can focus on contributing to company operations from day one.

Biometric Clocks

Track, record, and upload employee time and attendance data, all while maintaining compliance with local labor laws and regulations.


Insurance, non-insurance benefits, and expense reimbursement for all your countries of operation in one flexible, user-friendly platform.

HR Helpdesk

Address employee questions and concerns. Communicate with HR teams across the globe and get faster response times and resolutions.