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Global Payroll 360 provides you with on-demand access to one of three global payroll service packages. Select the option best suited for your business and address needs for payroll setup and processing, payroll funding, global payroll compliance, payroll software and systems, and payroll taxes and reporting.

Our services are backed by round-the-clock support from experienced payroll experts who have an extensive understanding of payroll regulations across the globe. We track and manage all local payroll requirements and keep you up to date on the latest legal changes to ensure your business remains compliant wherever you operate.

Say goodbye to surprise bills and hidden fees, and get the payroll services you need, as frequently as you need them.

Comprehensive Payroll Services

Global Payroll Compliance



Global Payroll 360 Service Options

Wherever you are, whatever your need, we have a payroll solution for you. Details on the different payroll options we offer can be found below.

Optional or add-on service Included in respective payroll package

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Payroll Support Payroll Advanced Payroll Elite
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Client procures payroll software    
Provides payroll system  
Proactive alerts and reminders for coordination
Ensures process GDPR compliance
Ensures system GDPR compliance  
Centralized document repository with all input and output files
Payroll dashboard    
Data standardization across countries    
Process standardization across countries    
Global dashboard analytics    
Consolidated global reporting    
Automated task management    
Drill down capabilities by pay elements by pay time and employee level    
Audit history    
Dedicated Support
Client services manager
Payroll specialist
Payroll representative
Initial Setup
Obtain proof of incorporation
Verify payroll registration
Obtain employer and employee country-specific documents
Create country-specific payroll calendar
Set up employer in system
Set up employees in system
Validation of bank accounts - penny testing
Parallel processing
Provide variance and gross-to-net report for sign off
Ongoing Processing
Verify new hire documents
Set up new hires in system
Verify separation agreement
Offboard terminated employees
Import time and attendance data to payroll
Pay adjustments (retroactive or merit increases)
Variable compensation (bonus, commission, etc.)
Taxable benefits
Expense reimbursements
Analyze and create variance report
Audit preview before submission to Client for approval
Obtain Client approval and finalize payroll
Provide bank file to Client
Set up electronic payments in Client's bank account with “maker access”
Provide pay slips
Payment and reconciliation of taxes
Process off-cycle payrolls
Quarter and year-end coordination and administration
Payroll funding
Access to online pay slips
Periodic reviews of pay-related action items
Evaluate taxability of benefits
Evaluate taxability of expense reimbursement
Wage and hour compliance
Gross to net reports
Variance reports
Payroll reports
General ledger file for upload to ERP system
Monthly, quarterly, and year-end payroll, tax and social benefits filings
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Why Global Payroll 360?

Multilingual and seasoned payroll experts handle every pay cycle with complete accuracy. Employees are paid accurately and on-time, every time.

Combine global expertise with local knowledge through our established network of in-house payroll managers and in-country partners in 170+ countries.

As a single vendor with expertise in multiple technologies and countries, we allow you to gain control over data and costs. Experience stress-free management with a single point of contact for your payroll services anywhere in the world.

Auditable processes and visibility into all statutory guidelines, tax requirements, filing schedules, and statuses.