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Global Upside Launches Mihi – Global HCM Software

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global Upside today announced the launch of Mihi, a SaaS software for time and attendance, leave management, and benefits administration for companies with a global workforce. The platform is part of Global Upside’s recruit to retire solutions that include end-to-end human resources and professional employer services in 100+ countries.

Mihi automates collection of payroll data, digitizes record keeping, and improves compliance with company processes, policies and statutory requirements for wage, hour, benefits. Mihi is compliance-ready out of the box for more than 40 countries.

“Mihi was built in response to a growing demand from our clients for a system that has global in its DNA. We took on the challenge. Employees get an efficient user-friendly system that helps them simplify day-to-day tasks like tracking leaves or filing expenses while management gets accurate visibility into global workforce data and improved compliance. Depending on local laws and company policy Mihi automatically caps how much overtime employees can log and notifies managers about unusual overtime activity,” said Ragu Bhargava, who is CEO for both Global Upside and Mihi, which operates as an independent company.

“Collecting employee/payroll data in the right format and details while ensuring compliance with local laws, data privacy and data transfer regulations is one of the biggest challenges for global employers. With Mihi, employers have one version of the truth,” Ragu added.

Since its beta launch in October 2016, Mihi is being used by thousands of employees across Europe, Middle East, and Asia and is available in Mandarin, Spanish, English, French and German languages.

The interactive platform offers a range of powerful capabilities including country-specific insurance and non-insurance benefits management, a HR helpdesk, and reporting.

“Mihi stands out for its ease of use and the detailed global workforce visibility it provides,” said Rohit Lohia, managing director for Mihi’s India office and head of the Client Innovation Center.

“Our understanding of global compliance, labor, wage and workplace regulations provides a new level of value to our Clients. The mix of global knowledge, speed of delivery and ease of use is a game changer for companies, especially in the mid-market space, who want to centralize their global operations without building an internal army of HR and payroll experts,” Rohit added.

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