Know Before You Go
A Guide to Global Expansion

As companies experience rapid growth and set in motion plans for expansion, it is crucial to keep in mind the importance of “know before you go”. While expansion provides companies with immense opportunities, there is a lot associated with growing your global footprint. In this webinar, our global experts will provide a comprehensive look into how you can navigate the complexity of global expansion and successfully establish or grow your operations overseas.

  • The global business environment. How it looks today.
  • Formulating a successful global strategy
  • Understanding your setup and hiring options in a foreign country
  • HR considerations and the keys to managing a global workforce
  • Navigating the complexity of multi-country payroll, accounting, and tax
  • Avoiding common expansion pitfalls
  • Trending countries for expansion


Adam Sheffield

Chief Revenue Officer, Global Upside

Adam Sheffield is the Chief Revenue Officer of Global Upside. Global Upside provides support throughout the business lifecycle, offering staffing, incorporation, PEO/EOR, accounting, HR, payroll, compliance, and M&A services in 170+ countries. As the CRO, Adam directly oversees global sales, and primarily focuses on optimizing and growing Global Upside’s current revenue streams, as well as exploring future partnerships and opportunities across various global markets. Adam is an insightful and passionate business leader with a knack for bringing visions to life, while crafting deep relationships focused on catering to the specific needs of each Client. He continuously nurtures thriving and collaborative teams, by strategically pairing the right minds together.