Helpful Advice for Hiring Foreign Employees

Mary Lemons, Global Upside’s VP of Human Resources Solutions, teamed up with Globig for this podcast on “Hiring Foreign Employees”. This podcast discusses issues that often trip up companies, especially US companies, when hiring international talent. Mary provides helpful advice about some of the key pitfalls to be prepared for when hiring international employees.


The podcast covers these topics and some of the most frequent challenges:

  1. The mindset you need to have and being prepared for successfully hiring internationally
  2. The cultural needs and expectations of foreign employees are very different
  3. Security and stability – risk tolerance is often lower and startups may have a harder time attracting employees
  4. Benefits expectations and requirements are different by country and even region
  5. Longevity varies by culture and age groups
  6. People often won’t move away from their home region
  7. Be prepared for collective bargaining agreements, work councils, unions and employer organizations to influence hiring, some may set salary and benefit grid
  8. At will employment and international offer letters don’t exist, learn about what they use instead
  9. The differences between PTO, annual leave, sick time, etc.
  10. Understanding exempt employees for overtime and working time regulations
  11. Know the requirements around employee inventions and non-competes
  12. Terminations: what qualifies and the pitfalls to avoid