According to various studies, the failure rate for mergers and acquisitions to drive additional corporate value can be upwards of 80%. This rings especially true of international merger and acquisitions and often cross-cultural challenges are the culprit. However, the success rate increases when companies pay attention to the human factors, leveraging global HR specialists in this process.

In this podcast, Co-Founder and CEO Ragu Bhargava partners with Globig to provide tips on how HR can help make international merger and acquisitions more successful.

Some of the topics that are discussed and companies should prepare for include:

  1. Aspects of ‘culture’ that companies must evaluate prior and during a merger and acquisition
  2. The softer-human factor’s to prepare for such as employee concerns, how not to lose your rock stars, how to make the transitions smoother
  3. How international HR teams can prepare for a smooth transition for payroll and benefits and other important factors