New Rule Update: Secondment of Employees to Italy

On August 10, 2016, the government of Italy announced a decree implementing EU Directive 2014/67/EU  into the local law. This specific legislation deals with the new rules on secondments of employees to Italy. The new legislative decree came into full force on December 26, 2016. With this, Italy becomes 1 of the 16 EU member states that has implemented this Directive.


The legislation presented in decree no. 136/2016 puts new obligations on foreign employers sending employees to Italy. This new Italian decree has retained the EU Directive as is, without any new additions to it.

New rules on the secondment of employees

The important changes to the secondment of employees are:

  • Employers must inform the Italian authorities of the new secondment assignments, at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The notification must be sent via Ministry of Labour website using an online form Modello UNI_Distacco_UE
  • Employers must nominate a referee, an Italian resident, to maintain all secondment documents. Documents include employment contracts, payslips, working-hours details, offer letter, social security & other relevant details.
  • All secondment letters & related documents must be translated into Italian.
  • Equal treatment, and same rules and working conditions must apply to seconded employees compared to the local employees.

Global employers should be are aware of the new regulations before sending new employees to Italy. Because noncompliance can lead to hefty penalties.

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