Minimum Wages: APAC Region

A minimum wage is the legal minimum salary set by the government that an employer is required to pay to its employees.


The table below shows the minimum wage rates across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries.

Australia AU$ 719.20/week or AU$ 18.93/hour
Bangladesh BDT 5,300/Month
Cambodia USD 170/Month
China CNY 2420/Month*
Fiji USD 2.68/Hour
Guam USD 8.25/Hour
Hong Kong HKD 34.50/Hour
India Rs. 176 per day (Current National Floor Level Minimum Wage).
Indonesia 1,454,154-3,648,035 IDR/Month in 2018.
Japan JPY 848/Hour
South Korea KRW 7530/Hour
Laos Kip 1,100,000/Month*
Malaysia 920-1000 Malaysian Ringgit/Month.
Myanmar MMK 4,800/Day
New Zealand NZD 16.50/Hour
Pakistan 15,000/Month
Philippines 7680-15360 Peso/Month
Singapore S$ 1,060 – 1,760/Month*
South Korea KRW 7530/hour
Taiwan 22000 NTD/Month (NTD 140/hour)
Thailand 9,240-9,900 THB/Month.
Vietnam 2,760,000-3,980,000 VND Thousand/Month


  • The minimum wage for an apprentice, the lowest skilled worker, in the ready-made-garment industry is 5,300 taka per month. The minimum wage in EPZs starts at 4,480 taka per month for apprentices.
  • In China, minimum wage varies in different provinces, cities or other administrative units depending on their local economic conditions. CNY 2420/Month refers to the minimum monthly wage in Shanghai (as it is the highest figure).
  • The increased minimum wage in Laos was expected to be rolled out from May 1, 2018.
  • Minimum wages in Singapore vary across different industries such as beverage, conservancy, landscape sector, and cleaning industry.

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