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Montgomery Enables Global Upside to Deliver “Virtually Any Financial or HR Service”

Last month, Global Upside announced the acquisition of Montgomery Professional Services Corporation (MPSC).  Why?

According to CEO Ragu Bhargava “It’s what our clients want.” Delivering what clients want, when they want it, how they want it has been Global Upside’s recipe for success from the very beginning.

Global Upside was founded in 1999 by veteran accounting and finance executives to fill an unmet need in corporate accounting: highly experienced teams of professionals to take on any accounting and finance challenge, process or project, anywhere in the world.

“We knew from experience as CFOs and CEOs that it can be very frustrating trying to engage high level financial services for specific functions,” Ragu says. “Traditional approaches tend to be too slow, too complicated or too expensive, or simply unavailable for very targeted projects. We felt that if we could be ultra responsive and deliver high quality work with quick turnaround times, we would build a successful company.” A startup needs accounting support, but not necessarily full time, and Global Upside can offer scalable services on demand. If a company is struggling with its accounts payable, Global Upside can step in and help the company catch up and establish new and streamlined processes. If a company needs to establish a presence in another country, Global Upside can support all the administrative and financial processes necessary to get started, and continue to deliver ongoing back office support.

“Quality, timeliness and responsiveness” is the company’s mantra. Remove any one of those characteristics, and the other two don’t matter. “Our role is to be able to step into any accounting or HR function and immediately deliver world-class service,” Ragu says.

Soon, clients began asking Global Upside to take on more. “It started with HR,” says Ragu. “Clients started asking us to manage personnel compliance along with tax and accounting, especially in foreign markets.” In 2012, Global Upside launched its Human Resources Services division. “Whether facing overseas expansion or domestic growth, clients wanted one point of contact to manage all the process involved, so we expanded our services to support global mobility, compensation, benefits and related reporting.”

Lately, Global Upside’s clients have been asking for more local services. “Sometimes a client will need someone to fill in for an employee on leave, or they need a permanent controller, or they want an outsourced team on site,” Ragu says. “They ask us to help because we already know the business and its processes and culture. With the addition of Montgomery and its team, we can meet these needs along with all the other services we provide.”

Global Upside and Montgomery share a common culture of client-driven, results-focused performance.  “Impossible is not in our vocabulary” is one of Global Upside’s key messages, and Montgomery shares that commitment to client service. “Together, we can deliver virtually any financial or HR service in the way that helps our clients be most successful—outsourced services, offshore or local, on-site temporary personnel placement, or recruiting for senior leadership. It is a great position to be in.”

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