Payroll Services in 150+ Countries

Powered By Precision.  Executing accurate and timely payroll is critical for every organization. We manage your entire domestic and international payroll processes, ensuring all employees get paid accurately and on time, while maintaining compliance with all local, national, and international regulations.

Payroll Funding

End-to-end delivery of global payroll funding services

Payroll Compliance

Fully managed payroll across jurisdictions. Includes producing payslips, submission of statutory filings and payments, and producing year-end reports

Global Business Services

Complementary services that pair with payroll and help you leverage our global expansion solutions

U.S. Payroll

Full-suite services including local registrations, compliance (ACA Compliance, W-2, etc.), audit support, workers compensation, 401(k), and more

Expatriate Payroll

Full support including hypothetical tax estimation and withholding, tax equalization, shadow payroll, tax planning, and more

Ongoing Compliance

Robust research teams keep track of regulatory changes as they occur

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