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Global Upside Wins 2018 Payroll Team of the Year Award

Global Upside is excited to be announced the 2018 Payroll Team of the Year at this year’s Global Payroll Awards ceremony on June 7th in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Global Payroll Awards 2018
From left to right: Ragu Bhargava, CEO Global Upside; Presenter,
Lisbon Flora Torralvo; Nick Day, Owner & Managing Director, JGA Payroll
Recruitment; Rohit Lohia, Managing Director, India, Global Upside

The Global Payroll Awards are the only award ceremony in the world for professionals involved in global payroll; it celebrates technical excellence and professional development amongst companies and their payroll teams operating internationally. Some of this year’s winners and past winners include: Ramco Systems, PwC Australia, iWorkGlobal, Microsoft, and others.

Global Upside was named Payroll Team of the Year for driving the payroll industry forward. Each year the Global Upside payroll team is engaged by Clients because they have challenges so complex that the competition is unwilling to try to solve them.

In many cases, Global Upside empowers Clients to pay their employees on time by setting up the systems and processes they need. One client states: “the payroll team at Global Upside was instrumental in getting us up and running in India and Hong Kong and with our acquisition in China. Not only did they provide us with thorough expertise, but also with responsive, accurate, and cost-effective solutions to our challenges.”

The Global Upside team not only helps fix mistakes in Client’s processes, but helps their future endeavors by educating them on statutory requirements and other aspects of international payroll. Learn more about Rohit Lohia, Managing Director, India or how we can help with your entire lifecycle and international expansion needs in over 150+ countries.

This article was originally published on BusinessWire.

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