COVID-19 Updates - Portugal

Information is continuing to emerge on COVID-19 and the resulting legislative changes being instituted in Portugal. We have compiled a list of important updates for Portuguese employers to be aware of. Our teams are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to provide the latest updates to keep you informed.


Last Updated – March 20, 2020



Employees are entitled to up to 15 days of paid leave.


Employment Contract Suspension

Employers can move to impose a suspension of the employment contract of an employee affected by COVID-19. If the employment contract is suspended, the employer will still be required to pay two-thirds of the employee’s salary. Payment must be at least equal to minimum wage (€650 Euros).


Employee Redundancy

Employers do not have the right to terminate employees under the justifications of redundancy due to the challenges caused by COVID-19. In order to terminate any employee, the employer have just cause for doing so. Any employer that is terminated is entitled to severance pay in an amount dependent on their salary and years of service.