Global HR Software

HR Software for the
Global Workforce

We meet all of your global HR needs in one HR software. Country-specific labor, HR, benefits, and data privacy requirements are pre-built to keep you compliant with local laws, while giving your employees a robust self-service tool to manage leave, time and attendance, benefits, and more.

One System for HR Needs, Globally

Faster, More Accurate Payroll

Better Data, Global Visibility

Lower Compliance Risks

HR Software Solutions

User-friendly modules make it easy for employees to manage their day-to-day needs, while the system logs all critical data and makes it available to HR and payroll teams on-demand.

Time and Attendance

Automate the collection of detailed employee data and complex pay rules for hourly, salaried, or contingent employees.

Leave Management

Sustain operational productivity and reduce costs resulting from employee absenteeism.

Biometric Clock

Track, record, and upload employee time and attendance data, all while maintaining compliance with local labor laws and regulations.

Employee Onboarding

Get your employees setup quickly and effectively so they can focus on contributing to company operations from day one.


Insurance, non-insurance benefits, and expense reimbursement for all your countries of operation in one flexible, user-friendly platform.

HR Helpdesk

Address employee questions and concerns. Communicate with HR teams across the globe and get faster response times and resolutions.

HR Services

Our technology is backed by a team of world-class software engineers, payroll, and HR experts who work with you every step of the way. They help implement and customize the platform to your specific needs and provide ongoing support with complex technology integrations and detailed analytics.


Our team manages the implementation process end-to-end. This includes porting all employee data, mapping workflows to match existing business processes, and ensuring smooth integration with other technology systems.


We have a highly flexible platform that can be customized to your exact needs. From unique internal processes, to industry or country-specific requirements, we are ready to take on whatever you throw at us.

API Integration

Need to integrate with your ERP, payroll, expense reporting, or other HCM/HRIS systems? We have you covered. We possess expertise in nearly every enterprise system you may need, at any stage of your business.


Our analytics team helps you transform the data collected, via our system, into business intelligence that you can use to make critical HR decisions. Drive greater results with reliable, actionable, and comprehensive reporting.

Ongoing Support

Our tech support is always on call to support your employees. We respond to all requests within 24 hours and our product team is continuously working to improve the user experience.

Human Resources

Our technology is supplemented by a robust HR team that supports employees from recruitment to retirement (R2R) – covering staffing, employment contracts, employment law, compensation and benefits, terminations, and more.