Global Mobility

Global Mobility Services to Get Your Employees Where They Need to Be

From handling immigration and employee relocation to creating assignment letters and filing all relevant forms — we operate not just as an advisor, but also as your project manager. Our global mobility expertise are backed with relocation support, robust tax planning, and existing payroll and HR services.

Global Mobility Services

Our global mobility and immigration services help you station your employees where you need them to be. We assist with:

  • Assignment planning with advice on timing, duration, and assignment letter drafting
  • Compensation and benefits planning in alignment with local employment terms, cost of living reports, etc.
  • Immigration including visas, work permits, renewals, dependent visas, upgrades to resident status, etc.
  • School search with support for school registrations, managing fees, and deposits
  • Accommodation search in destination country
  • Pet relocation via a professional company and advisory on required vaccinations/quarantine
  • Shipment and storage
  • Local orientation

Expatriate Tax Services

We explain core concepts in simple terms and help you and your employees view the interplay of home and host taxes.

  • Pre assignment home and host country tax forecasts
  • Up-to-date cost of living allowances
  • Tailored and proactive tax advice throughout the assignment, including tax equalization
  • Ongoing administration of tax, social security, benefits, and salaries in both the home and host countries
  • Working through complex tax issues, including tax residency rules and the interplay of dual tax treaties
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