Global Payroll Services

Global Payroll Services
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Executing accurate and timely payroll is critical for every organization. We manage your global payroll processes, ensuring all employees get paid accurately and on time, while maintaining compliance with all local, national, and international regulations.

Global Payroll Services

Payroll Funding

End-to-end delivery of global payroll funding services in over 170 countries.

Payroll Compliance

Fully managed payroll across jurisdictions. Includes producing payslips, submission of statutory filings and payments, and producing year-end reports.

Global Business Services

Complementary services that pair with payroll and help you leverage our global expansion solutions.

Expatriate Payroll

Full support including hypothetical tax estimation and withholding, tax equalization, shadow payroll, tax planning, and more.

Ongoing Compliance

Robust research teams keep track of regulatory changes as they occur.

Global Payroll 360

Address your global payroll needs with a single solution.

Our competitive payroll package offers you access to the full scope of our services for a single monthly payment, allowing you to meet your payroll needs while simultaneously managing cost.

The Value We Bring

Multilingual and seasoned payroll experts handle every pay cycle with complete accuracy. Employees are paid accurately and on-time, every time.

Combine global expertise with local knowledge through our established network of in-house payroll managers and in-country partners in 170+ countries.

As a single vendor with expertise in multiple technologies and countries, we allow you to gain control over data and costs. Experience stress-free management with a single point of contact for your payroll services anywhere in the world.

Auditable processes for SOX compliance and internal risk management. Visibility into all statutory guidelines, tax requirements, filing schedules, and statuses.

Fixing a Broken Payroll Process

A public technology manufacturing company faced a serious payroll problem. After multiple acquisitions, its payroll system was complex and error-prone, and members of their payroll staff had given notice. The company engaged Global Upside. Read this case study to learn how Global Upside was able to revamp the payroll system, streamline payroll processes, increase payroll accuracy, and improve financial reporting in a matter of weeks.

Global Upside Case Study - Fixing a Broken Payroll Process
Complying with international tax regulations while an employee works overseas for an extended period of time

Shadow Payroll

Shadow payroll is a method of complying with international tax regulations while an employee works overseas for an extended period of time. Citizens of any country working abroad are subject to taxation, employer withholding, and reporting in the home country. It is a complex process, which requires detailed knowledge and expertise. Read this whitepaper to learn more about shadow payroll, why it is significant, and the associated challenges and tax implications.