Private Equity Services
Throughout the
Investment Lifecycle

We understand the challenges that private equity executives face as they focus on deriving deal value and ensuring smooth employee transitions within condensed timescales. Our in-depth knowledge of the private equity industry’s operational needs enables us to provide innovative services across the entire employee and business lifecycle. We specialize in utilizing PEO/EOR hiring options, creating legal structures, and managing complex human resources issues including onboarding, benefits, payroll continuity, and global regulatory compliance.

Specialized Private Equity Expertise in 170+ Countries

M&A and Carve Outs

Experience a smoother pre and post-acquisition transition with our comprehensive global employment solutions covering PEO/EOR, entity incorporation, human resources, benefits transitions, payroll setup, due diligence, and immigration.

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Existing Portfolio Companies

Providing private equity firms, and their portfolio companies, with consolidated HR, payroll, benefits, accounting, and tax support on a global scale to help them achieve operational excellence, increased visibility, and elevated performance.

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Companies Preparing for Exit

Maximize company value and ensure that your business is in good standing prior to the deal. We support you throughout the exit process, carefully auditing the operational aspects of your business to effectively prepare you for exit.

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End-to-End Support

Comprehensive HR, payroll, benefits, accounting, tax, and compliance services globally. Our holistic approach enables us to work in sync with Big 4 consultants, international law firms, and global benefits providers to create the optimal solutions for our clients.

Operational Excellence for your Portfolio

Streamlined BPO support to help you increase portfolio EBITA and achieve economies of scale. We take on the operational and compliance burdens and allow you to focus on the core aspects of your business. Increase visibility into portfolio operations with consolidated reporting, and receive the services you need with our 24/7 global support, delivered via a single point of contact.

Maximize Company Value in Exits

Implement measures to close compliance gaps, empower management, and achieve exit preparedness across your organization. With our strategic guidance and support, you maximize company value while ensuring a smooth exit process.

Global Acquisition: Managing Employee Transitions on a Global Scale

The Global Acquisition: Managing Employee Transitions on a Global Scale

We’ve worked with leading companies and facilitated complex, multi-country deals. Read this case study to learn how Global Upside helped a prominent private equity firm navigate HR, payroll, and incorporation issues across 13 countries to complete a billion-dollar acquisition.