M&A and Carve-Outs

M&A Services for Smooth Transitions
and Day 1 Readiness

We understand the challenges that private equity executives face as they focus on deriving deal value and ensuring smooth employee transitions within condensed timescales. Our in-depth knowledge of private equity, M&A, and carve-outs enables us to provide innovative solutions across the entire employee and business lifecycle. We specialize in creating legal structures, and managing complex human resources issues including onboarding, benefits, payroll continuity, and global regulatory compliance.

M&A and Carve-Out Services

Due Diligence

Ensure smooth employee transitions with employment law, HR, and payroll due diligence.


Utilize indirect hiring solutions to quickly transfer global employees while maintaining compliance.

Legal Entity Setup

Establish legal infrastructure you need to efficiently transfer your employees and operations.

Human Resources

Accelerate new employee integration with streamlined transfer and onboarding processes.


Execute accurate and timely payroll from day one with payroll setup and ongoing global support.


Set up statutory and supplemental benefits and transfer employees onto new benefits plans.


Obtain new, or transfer, employee work permits, visas, and immigration documents.


Seamlessly transition your accounting operations with our expertise in accounting processes globally.

Tax & Compliance

Prepare and file indirect and income taxes and manage company law compliance issues.

Global Acquisition: Managing Employee Transitions on a Global Scale

The Global Acquisition: Managing Employee Transitions on a Global Scale

We’ve worked with leading companies and facilitated complex, multi-country deals. Read this case study to learn how Global Upside helped a prominent private equity firm navigate HR, payroll, and incorporation issues across 13 countries to complete a billion-dollar acquisition.

Companies Preparing for Exit