Global PEO Services

Hire & Pay Employees in 170+ Countries Without Setting up a Legal Entity

Our global PEO services help companies expand globally without having to set up legal entities or deal with related staffing, HR, benefits, payroll, tax, and compliance issues. Hire employees fast, test new markets, or respond to growing business needs quickly, while leaving the compliance and operational burden to us. With PEO services, you get control without taking on legal entity liabilities, contractor risks, or sacrificing on talent and speed to market.

How Global PEOs Work

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    Choose your candidate or rely on us to help you find the right talent.

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    We hire your employee via our local legal entity, taking on the employment contract, offer letter, benefits, and immigration/visa/work permit requirements. We also help manage ongoing payroll, HR, tax, accounting, and compliance.

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    Our local expertise ensure your employee’s needs are met in a timely manner, while you’re informed of what’s statutory, what’s customary, and what’s competitive in that country.

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    Pre-established relationships with local benefits brokers allow us to secure a range of benefits for your employees, even at low headcounts.

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    You and your employees get access to our global HCM technology. This technology is pre-built for compliance in 170+ countries and provides your employees with a self-service tool to manage time and attendance, leave, benefits, and more.

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    Your employees start within days and work with you directly, exactly as if they were on your payroll.

Go To Market

Go Fast Without
Sacrificing Control


Global HR 360

Get the Right Mix of People,
Processes, and Technology

Global Payroll 360

Be Ready for
Every Phase of Growth

Subsidiary vs. PEO Comparison




Up to 12 months


Few Days
Signatories on bank accounts and corporate documents must often sign in person


Rigorous KYC regulations


Average companies spend 1 day per week simply tracking regulatory changes


Can lose candidates while waiting for subsidiary, contractor liabilities, lower talent pool


Ready to hire as soon as you finalize candidate, access to larger talent pool, no contractor liabilities
Foreign subsidiary often requires a local director – there are legal liabilities


Statutory and customary


US offer letters are not valid employment contract, need country-specific contracts and legal expertise



Our PEO Services

Our mix of people, processes, and technology is perfectly suited to help you expand at any scale in over 170 countries.

Hiring, Benefits, and Payroll

Onboard employees quickly, create legally-compliant employment contracts, procure competitive benefits, and ensure payroll is timely and accurate. We fully manage the payroll processes and have established partnerships with leading payroll software providers.


Complete legal and financial guidance that ensures compliance with all in-country governance rules. Our dedicated research and training group tracks employment law, taxation, and accounting updates in-country to ensure you are always compliant.

Human Resources

We support your employees from the point of hire to retirement (H2R) – covering staffing, employment contracts, offer letters, employee handbooks, employment law advisory, compensation and benefits, terminations (when required), and more.

Immigration & Global Mobility

Extensive expertise in visas, work permits, global mobility, and expatriate taxes. We ensure strict compliance with visa and immigration needs, handle all the documentation requirements, and also assist with relocation as required.

International Expansion

When required, we use our international expansion solutions to transition you to your own legal entity. We continue to manage the compliance, administrative, and operational needs for HR, payroll, accounting, tax, and more.


Our global HCM software for employee time and attendance, leave management, and benefits, allows for stricter control over in-country compliance, streamlines data gathering, and provides clients with powerful workforce analytics.