Australia Increases Annual Leave

In light of the current pandemic, many employers around the world have began to implement changes into their workplace policies, especially those pertaining to leaves. Employees in Australia are now provisionally entitled to take up to two-times their annual leave at half-pay.

Keys to Business Success in Australia

Sometimes the countries that seem most similar are the trickiest countries to navigate. When it comes to employment law, benefits and even business setup, Australia is very different from the US in how they approach international expansion and day-to-day business especially regarding employment law. This podcast featuring Ragu Bhargava explores some of the major differences and similarities.

Virtual Open House Webinar Series – APAC

Virtual Open House Webinar Series – APACThis webinar series focuses on hiring, on-boarding, employment contracts, employment law, benefits, payroll, termination and more in the APAC region.Questions: Global workforce planning, system of record, currency conversion and consolidated reporting. Is there a perfect system? On Demand Webinar Watch Now Download Slide We may communicate with you regarding…