Expats and Relocation – Expat Tax Guidelines

Going abroad for an assignment can be among the most exciting transitions an aspiring leader can undertake. But expats and their companies often focus on the excitement of preparing for their international business relocation, and can easily overlook the more burdensome aspects of going abroad – such as taxes. Unfortunately, this common oversight can lead to expensive consequences.

Keys to Business Success in Australia

Sometimes the countries that seem most similar are the trickiest countries to navigate. When it comes to employment law, benefits and even business setup, Australia is very different from the US in how they approach international expansion and day-to-day business especially regarding employment law. This podcast featuring Ragu Bhargava explores some of the major differences and similarities.

Creating an Effective, Global Virtual Workforce

It’s predicted that by 2020, 50% of workers will be remote or virtual employees. That brings a new set of challenges to global companies and in this podcast, we explore what those challenges are and how to thrive in this new world. VP of Human Resources, Mary Lemons partners with Globig to talk about HR’s role in creating an effective and happy global virtual workforce.

Virtual Open House Webinar Series – Brazil

Virtual Open House Webinar Series – Brazil The webinar focuses on hiring, on-boarding, employment contracts, employment law, benefits, payroll, termination and more in Brazil. On Demand Webinar Watch Now Download Slide We may communicate with you regarding this event and other services. Your information is protected by Global Upside’s Privacy Policy. Transcript: OverviewKey ConsiderationsLegal Entity Setup:Branch Setup –…

HR Challenges When Expanding Internationally

Most of the first-timers start expanding their international business by trying to force fit or cobble together their current HR processes and services to try to meet the needs of their international business and it never works very well. You’ll run into a lot of trouble if you don’t approach hiring and employee management in other countries correctly from the beginning.

Gen Z: HR Manager’s Dream or Nightmare? – Part 1

With Generation Z entering, and becoming a more significant part of the global workforce, it is increasingly important for companies to understand how to get the most out of this new employee group. In the first installment of this two-part podcast, Mary Lemons, VP of Human Resources Solutions at Global Upside, provides background and insight into the key characteristics of the Gen Z population.