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Business APAC Magazine: Marvelous Leaders in HR

Business APAC Magazine: Marvelous Leaders in HR Business APAC Magazine: A Maverick Hooked on Solving Complex Business Challenges Successful business leaders often have a knack of finding “disruptive” ideas. Global Upside’s Managing Director Rohit Lohia is a poster child of disruption. Having always chosen the unorthodox path, he has been at the forefront of innovation…

California HR Conference 2019

Everyone knows expansion into other markets isn’t simply a matter of sending employees overseas or hiring locally. But what exactly is required? As companies go global the complexity in managing this global workforce multiples 10-fold. Yet.

Parental Leave Around the Globe

Learn about parental leave around the world – who is eligible for parental leave, what kind of leave is mandated, and what companies need to know to be in compliance with laws in common business expansion destinations.

UK & Ireland Employment Law – What You Need to Know

As we near the March 29th deadline, there has considerable speculation surrounding the impact that “Brexit” will have on the UK and its neighboring countries, with a focus placed on Ireland in particular. Although changes in workplace rights are unlikely to occur post-Brexit, major employment law differences remain between the two nations.