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The story behind Global Upside’s acquisition of MPSC

On April 22, Global Upside announced the acquisition of Montgomery Professional Services Corporation (MPSC). For Rick Giorgetti, CEO of Montgomery, the acquisition makes perfect sense. “We’ve referred customers to each other for years” he says. “We share a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude and complete trust in each other’s commitment to quality and results.”

Global Upside provides outsourced financial, accounting and HR services worldwide, while MPSC offers companies temporary and permanent professional accountants, alongside local outsourcing, with a focus on the Bay Area. While it might not be obvious that an outsourcing firm would mesh with a recruiting and placement firm, in today’s fluid economy, the lines can blur, and often complement each other. Together, they can help a client with just about whatever they need—permanent employees, temporary employees, or an outsourced team.

“When I’d run into a customer that needed to immediately plug into an up-and-running team to get a project done, I’d send them to Global Upside,” Rick says. “If one of Global Upside’s clients had a need for a full time or interim controller, he’d refer them to MPSC. Now it’s all under one roof.”

A key common emphasis of both firms is the level of expertise they provide. Both focus on trained, credentialed, senior accounting professionals. The commitment to quality and results sets them apart. Montgomery has won the confidence of companies like Cooper Companies, Twitter and HGST, a Western Digital company, while Global Upside clients run from Aruba Networks to online real estate leader Zillow.

Another synergy: MPSC has been in business 26 years. MPSC’s reputation and clients are in the Bay Area. Born and raised in San Francisco, Rick has been active in the local finance and accounting community, not to mention the football community, since he graduated Santa Clara University. Global Upside does business in more than 50 countries—so there’s great potential to extend MPSC’s business well beyond the Bay Area.

“I’m excited and proud to be associated with Global Upside and so is the rest of the MPSC team. Joining forces gives us so much more to offer companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.”

The U.S. and other countries are facing a significant shortage of qualified accountants and finance professionals, especially senior staff and leaders. The ability to provide the right skill to a job is important, often critical in today’s fast-moving global marketplace. Global Upside is first and foremost committed to clients’ success, and adding MSPC’s people and services increase the company’s ability to do just that.

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