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Virtual Conference
October 20th - October 22nd

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Global Upside is attending World Broker Network’s (WBN) 63rd Global Conference. The conference will be taking place virtually from Tuesday, October 20th – Thursday, October 22nd. This conference is designed for WBN members, clients, prospects, and insurer partners to collaborate, learn, and maintain professional and personal relationships. Join us at the conference to gain global insights, develop partner and client connections, and become more involved with WBN’s international broker network.

Conference only open to WBN members, sponsors, and clients.

Broker Roundtable

When Companies Go Global: Simplifying HR, Payroll, and Benefits Complexities

As companies go global, it’s critical for them to get accurate and timely guidance on the HR, payroll, and benefits complexities of the countries they are expanding into. In this roundtable, join a select group of benefits brokers and global expansion experts for an interactive session on what it takes to go global and how Global Upside assists our Clients in creating strategies that make them successful and keep their employees happy and engaged. Topics include:

  • International Expansion Considerations
  • Global Hiring Options
  • Navigating Global HR & Payroll Complexities
  • Global Benefits Management
  • Globalizing Your HR Systems
  • M&A spotlight: Ensuring Day 1 Readiness During M&As and Spin-offs

Speaker - Global Upside

Ragu Bhargava, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer