Webinar- Growing Your European Presence

For most US companies, Europe is a key part of their international expansion strategy. But the complex regulatory and compliance requirements leave a lot of room for errors and misjudgment – often resulting in severe penalties for companies.

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This webinar can help you understand what needs to be considered for safe entry or expansion into Europe including:

  • Entity setup, registrations, bank accounts, day-to-day accounting, tax, compliance challenges
  • Managing multi-country hiring, payroll, and benefits in Europe
  • Europe employment law challenges especially terminations
  • Roadblocks to onboarding employees after an acquisition
  • EU Data Protection – The latest updates
  • Value Added Tax


  • Ragu Bhargava, CEO, Global Upside
  • Susanna Hardy, Managing Director, EU, IBT Partners

The information shared in this recording provides general information only, and not advice. Should you need help or specific details about your operations in the EU, please write to us at info@globalupside.com or call +1-408-913-9130 to speak to our experts.

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